Fake flash spy devices from Asia, Check All Flash Items

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Buyers beware!  Check all items that contain flash memory in them.  This includes MP3 players, Thumb (pen,flash,mini) Drives, SD cards and now Spy Devices, which includes the spy pens, spy keyrings (car fobs) and others.  XproDeal is a seller of these items and it's annoying me that he is still selling these and still getting positive feedback for them.  I have contacted a few of these buyers and asked them to check the flash with h2testw.exe and they confirmed like I did that they have been manufactured to look like they have more flash than they do.  My personal case was I bought an 8gb spy pen but in reallity it was only 1.8 gb, so any data that gets saved after that is corrupted.

Please check all items which contain flash memory (especially from Asia) with h2testw.exe and also check the sosfakeflash website for invaluable information.

h2testw.exe will write data to the flash and then verify the data.  The amount of data that is verified without errors is the real amount of the flash on the device.  Please download it and check your flash.
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