Fake ipod/itouch MP4 players

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At the moment there seems to be an abundance of itouch clones in the MP3/MP4 catagories on ebay. I purchased a 2gb model as a replacement for my broken creative mp3 player. I must stress that it was purchased outside of ebay and i have receieved a refund on the purchase however the same model in varying capacities is widely availible on ebay and these are some things that you should consider before being tempted to part with your hard earned cash.

Firstly on opening your purchase you will be sadly disappointed by the cheap and nasty quality of the construction. I had the distinct feeling that the player would disintegrate in my hands.

the touchscreen was tempremental and seemed to have a mind of its own.

Sound quality was poor to average.

MP4 playback was horrendous the picture appeared squashed and distorted. And this was only playing the preloaded demo which you would expect to be good to highlight the function

A camera function is included but the quality is worse than the digital cameras you can buy in your local poundsaver. Added to that it has a camera settings menu that is almost impossible to fathom or operate.

The display is horrendous. Black writing on a dark blue background which is impossible to see. Even when or rather if you manage to access the settings menu and alter the settings to its brightest it is still an impossible task.

As regards the memory capacity i could not comment as it was back in an envelope and back to the Post Office before i got that far but bear in mind the other warnings on ebay about fake memory capacities.

The instruction manual manual is a joy, if you have a few spare days to try and translate from Chinglish.

These are my personal opinions based on the player i received if you have had a better experience than me, great. But if you are contemplating buying one now be warned as they say, all that glitters is not gold.

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