Fake or counterfeit slendertone system abs

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I have just been stung by a seller on ebay selling what they described as a genuine slendertone systems abs and if it was not for the fact that my wife has the real thing which i bought for her from slendertone last year for her xmas i would not have had a clue as it looked and felt ALMOST like the real thing.


The thing i noticed straight away was that the controller would not work on my wifes belt & her controller would not work on mine so that was my starter for ten, Then when i looked at the back of the controller i noticed that the sticker was about half the size of the sticker on my wifes controller, The hole for the screw to remove the battery also looked a little smaller on my fake controller, The front of my wifes controller was a more dull gold than my fake which looked almost a yellow gold, The buttons on the fake made a click when i pushed the  power button or program button so i assume they used cheap micro switches but on my wifes controller when i pushed the power or program button there was no click, I also noticed than when my wife mutes the sound on her controller it stays muted when she switches it off then on again but on my fake if i muted the sound then switched it of the sound would be back on when i switched the controller back on.


The charger did not have the euro pin adaptor it only had a fixed uk 3 pin plug.


Before i knew the unit was a fake i had used it & it almost did my back in, I have had a few slendertone products over the years all the way back to my first gym body 8 about 10 years ago and they all work in the same way in that the side muscles & stomach muscles contract at the same time this piece of junk contracted one side then the other so my body would move from side to side not a very nice experience and after using it once i would not use it again, i also noticed that even at the highest program level of 6 it did not feel that strong even when i had it upto 99, I then tried my wifes & as i had been using my flex max for the last 2 years i thought it would not be a problem to use it at program 6 at level 99 i almost cut myself in 2 the power from the unit was amazing, I think my problem is i have been using rechargable batteries in my flex max & they are just not doing the job so back to normal batteries until hopefully ebay & paypal get my money back & i can buy a system abs from a real ebay seller.


If you check on the slendertone website they will direct you to several ebay sellers that can be trusted.


I hope this little bit of info is of some help to you & remember if it seems to good to be true more than likely you are being ripped off   :-)

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