Fake paypal emails and ebay scams!

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I thought I should post this as I have personally had experience of this latest ebay scam.

When someone wins an auction, you receive an email in your mailbox asking the item to be shipped to Nigeria. But knowing that people are wise to this, they go one step further. They send an authentic looking email from paypal.

This email from paypal informs you that the sum of the auction, plus extra for international shipping, has been withdrawn from the buyers account. You are instructed to ship the item to Nigeria (or another country) and send the tracking number to paypal customer service, who will "release" the funds into your account. This email from paypal is as fake as Lea Walker's 30M boobs! If you believe it's fake, you can report it to spoof at paypal dot com and you will receive a reply back telling you if it's genuine.

If it's not genuine, DO NOT ship the item! You will get NO money, and someone in Nigeria will be very pleased to receive your item for absolutely no cost, plus the bargain that you've not only sent it to them for nothing, but paid the postage costs for them too!

I have had this happen to me twice so far, and I hope that this guide will stop someone from falling for it.



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