Fake questions - Usually from China - What EBAY can do

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This applies more to items sold in the IT, consumer electronics and similar areas, It's something that annoys me and I'll give you some help on how to avoid getting caught, and how to help me get EBAY to make a simple change to make things safer for the EBAY community.

I sell quite a bit of stuff on EBAY and I'm becoming increasingly irritated by the number of adverts I receive via EBAY posing as questions, you know the sort "Dear friend, we are a large company......"

If you get these emails they are designed for 2 purposes

  1. To get people to contact them to buy stuff, this will of course be outside of EBAY and leave you as the buyer vulnerable to being ripped off.
  2. To harvest email addresses from responses, as a seller unless you respond it shows as a question needing a response, which acts as a nag to you to reply. When you reply unless you tick a box EBAY will disclose your email address to the "buyer"

What I've done is ask EBAY if when a seller responds to a question the hide my email from Buyer_in_China box can either be automatically ticked, or give users the option in preferences to set it.

Perhaps however given the potential risks involved EBAY should nevere disclose email addresses in this way

What I would like everyone to do is Copy the text below (highlight and CTRL & C), then Click on the link, click on send a suggestion to paste the text and send the suggestion to EBAY

I believe that the current respond to a question contains a vulnerability that lets users unwittingly disclose their email address to fake buyers who then harvest the email address for spam purposes. To prevent this and improve the security of EBAY for users can the "hide my email address from ..." box be ticked by default (so that if I want to disclose my email address I need to take action)" Alternatively the email address could never be disclosed and the box removed.


Remember the more of us that do this the more likely EBAY is to respond and help us improve the situation

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