Fake signatures... just useless investment.

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I have been collecting autographs for quite some years now and have many signed football shirts framed on my wall. I suggest a signed shirt from a special moment or favourite team or player beats and Mona Lisa anyday! Yet something of concern is the amount of sellers who blatantly sell fake signatures. So a few tips on buying signed memorabilia from ebay. 1. Ask the seller did they collect the signatures in person. If No then don't touch the item with a barge poll! 2. Do they have proof to mark the occasion in the form of photographs of the player signing. So many sellers offer this service I would recommend going with sellers who can offer this. 3. Look at items the buyer has sold. If their all marked private they have something to hide. 4. If they keep selling the same fully signed item, alarm bells should be ringing. Its bloody hard to get a fully signed shirt never mind 20! 5. Do they offer a guarantee or certificate of authenticity? If not... You want one! 6. Ask the seller a question about where and when they got it. Nerds like myself will chat for hours on autograph collecting, we love it! 7. Look at signatures on fully signed items. Are the signatures all the same size and is the pen thickness the same for each signature? Oh it is... well its just ruined a shirt cos just like us, footballers don't all write the same! 8. I love to talk about signatures so if I don't have what your after but somebody else does then send me an email about it and let me take a look. 9. If you suspect a fraudulent seller let me know. I hate them more than life itself! 10. Best wishes. If I can be of any further assistance please message me. Paul
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