Fake smargo smartreader and how to spot them

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As usual the Chinese cloners have been hard at work again, this time they have copied
the Smargo Smartreader, a popular external USB card reader used in DreamBox
and other applications.

There is a good description of how to spot the fakes on the Argolis website:

The housing of a genuine Smargo Smartreader has an arrow shape.
Do NOT buy the old model smartreader !!! It is not available anymore and therefore probably fake.
If you buy nowadays a smargo Smartreader with round case, you will probably have a fake/clone version.
Some clones can be detected by opening the housing.
The warranty of a genuine smargo smartreader will not void because of opening the case.
If you open the smartreader you will see letters on the black smartcard connector.
The letters "MUP" indicate that your smartreader is a fake.

The majority of guys selling them on ebay are the same ones that are selling
the clone dreamboxes as well, they just can't help trying to make a quick buck!

Remember, all the research and development cannot continue if buyers purchase
counterfeit products.


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