Fake stone island on ebay

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I have seen a number of fake stone island on ebay and there is a lot of it i have found the fakes coats sell for about £79.99 nomally the easiest way to tell a fake is pictures, detailed pictures are good because it means it s easy to decide if its authentic or not, if they do not have detailed pictures personally i wouldnt touch it !

A common fake art number is 533093 which is used in a lot of fakes there is something online which helps you check fake art numbers.this is very useful.

Ask the seller what the art number is and check it its a good sign to check quickly if it is fake also check the sellers history.

A lot of sellers will not know they are selling fakes so contact them and show them evidence some will ignore you but some will realise and stop selling them.

The key is dont be gullible be confident and assertive as the seller wants your business so they will be happy to help .



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