Faked iPod Shuffles

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Fake iPod Shuffles

   Now ebay is full of fake iPod Shuffles. Most of sellers in their listing writes that it is fake, made in China, but there is some seller, who didn't do that, so I'll tell some differencies between real iPod and fake.

1. Real ipod are made in these colors: blue, red (it has written (PRODUCT)RED on the back), silver, green, purple.
2. Layout:
Make sure that everything is the same as in the picture, because some fakes have on/off button located near jack for earphones.

3. Genuine iPod Shuffle has battery inficator located on play/stop button, fake doesn't have
4. Genuine iPod Shuffle has white earphone with a few grey inserts
5. Genuine iPods are packed in crystal box, which contents: iPod Shuffle, earphones, dock and QuickStart guide, fake iPod has different contents.
6. Apple are making Shuffles only with 1GB and 2GB memory
7. Sticker on real iPod Shuffle says that it is assembled in China, when most of fake iPods are ass ombled in China

So there is some differencies between fake iPod and genuine iPod. Ask sellers to send genuine pictures, taken by them, not copied from apple.com and good luck!

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