False Eyelashes Scam ID's on UK ONLY Search-How 2 Spot

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If you prefer to buy from UK sellers - beware as there's scamming going on from overseas sellers and you could easily be caught out!!

These sellers enter the location of the goods with a UK address but unfortunately the chances are - your goods will come from Hong Kong or China !

Even if you try to avoid overseas sellers by selecting the UK Only search function, they will still appear...so you're not safe!




Buying from outside the United Kingdom or the EU may mean you are liable to be charged extra money for importing your goods - this will be done by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs {HMRC} and Royal Mail or Parcel Force can also sting you for an extra £8 on top of that - just for processing it on behlaf of HMRC! 

If your goods are faulty then you'll be expected to return them to the seller at your cost - and just imagine how expensive it will be to send goods to China or Hong Kong by a trackable service!


Here's a quick guide - you can read the other stuff if you like but this is what to look out for in a nutshell..if you only want to buy from true UK sellers!

Before you do anything, check out the bad feedback that's been left for them.....and how many of those negs have been mutually withdrawn!

  1. There are websites that will let you see all the negs and neutral feedbacks in a row - it  paints a good picture ... if you type the words toolhaus.org into your web browser window or search box, then you can check out their bad feedback.!

  2. If they don't combine shipping costs then your goods aren't coming from the UK

  3. If you're paying a really low price for the goods themselves - like  99p and a ridiculously high price for postage, like £4 - £6, then they're a Hong Kong/Chinese seller

  4. If the photos of the goods you're searching for all look the same on the search page, even though they're from about 3 different sellers then they'll be Chinese/Hong Kong sellers - and probably the same one, too.


If you want to avoid being duped - then look for these tell-tale signs....


ITEM LOCATION....it may say...Shanghai,UK.......Hong Kong,UK...or even London or Manchester!



This may be enough to reassure you but you need to check out where they're registered - this will be on the right hand side of the auction page...they generally say Hong Kong, China, even though the goods are supposedly located in the UK...BIG GIVEAWAY!

Here's some examples




SHIPPING COSTS....it may say a huge amount..like £6.99 and yet they only charge a really low amount for the goods...like 59p!!!!  This is especially true of false eyelash...nail gel sellers.....make-up brushes and nail art sellers...BIG GIVEAWAY!


SHIPPING METHOD...they generally say Royal Mail Standard Parcels Service....BIG GIVEAWAY!


COMBINED SHIPPING...these sellers don't generally offer combined shipping..or if they do...will only take off about 50p for the second item....BIG GIVEAWAY


SHIPPING & DELIVERY TIMES......it will generally say something about shipping times in the description so make sure you scroll down and read everything!  We all know Royal Mail can be a bit slow but we don't expect them to take 7 - 21 days to deliver to a UK address by standard parcels service!  Anything that says in excess of 7 days or mentions airmail should ring alarm bells in your head....BIG GIVEAWAY


FEEDBACK....check it very carefully....these sellers may be "shooting star" powersellers but they'l have large numbers of negative and neutral feedbacks over their last trading month.  Check out the feedback comments and look for those that make a comment about the fact that the buyer thought the goods were being sent from the UK but were actually sent from China or Hong Kong.  Sometimes you'll find these comments on the positives too as people are too scared to risk retaliatory feedback. 

There are sites on the internet which will let you look at only the negs and neutrals but I can't name them here  but if you type words toolhaus.org into your web browser window or search box, the you can check out their bad feedback.!

You can do an internet search for the following words and they will give you the sites you use to check out someones bad feedback...   toolhaus, goofbay, gutcheck




Here's a good test which will catch them out every time....ask the seller if they would be able to send the goods to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery - Next Day Service if you paid extra...you will get the answer you need to decide whether it's a genuine UK seller. 



This is called location abuse and it's against the rules as far as eBay is concerned..scroll down to the very bottom of the auction page and you'll see an option to report.  This will let you report the seller to eBay..the drop down menu on each section will be as follows

..Listing Policy Breaches > Listing policy breaches (improper keywords, outside links etc.) > Inappropriate seller terms > Misleading information about item location

You can also report them for fee avoidance and eBay hates fee avoidance more than anything..the reason for this is that they're avoiding paying fees  to eBay by having an overly high postage cost..scroll down to the very bottom of the auction page and you'll see an option to report.  This will let you report the seller to eBay..the drop down menu on each section will be as follows...

Listing Violations > Listing policy violations (improper keywords, outside links, excessive shipping, etc) > Circumvention of eBay fees > Excessive shipping and handling


These Chinese and Hong Kong sellers often have in excess of three shops all selling the same sorts of things - they're so easy to spot!  Check out the replies they leave for the negative and neutral feedback they've been left - it's usually the same comments for all their eBay id's! 

They make the same spelling mistakes and comments on every id they use like...........here's some examples you might like to look out for....

We are sorry about that but the delivery time can not be controled by us.

Would you please describe the problem in English?

The item may got lost during shipment. We are happy to send replacement.

We are happy to assist you to slove the problem


Good luck to you and if in doubt - ask as many questions as you can

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