Family Friendly Card Games to Play at the Card Table

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Family Friendly Card Games to Play at the Card Table

Sitting around the television has become a nightly activity all too common for families, and it is not the greatest way to develop young minds or spend time together. Parents can encourage bonding, stimulate their children's minds, and create lasting memories by playing some child-friendly card games around the card table. Plenty of children's card games prove fun for the whole family.


Go Fish

Go Fish can be a two- to six-player game. The goal is to get rid of all your cards by obtaining sets of four matching cards that you can set aside. The player simply asks other players for their specific cards at each turn. However, the player must have at least one of the specific cards they ask for; thus, it alerts everyone else to the fact that that player has a certain cards. If the player asks for a card from someone who does not have the card, the person replies "go fish", and the asking player must then draw a card from the deck. To play, buy Go Fish decks with fun characters or just use traditional playing cards.



Concentration helps players develop their memory skills. Without looking, simply place cards facedown separately on the card table. At each turn, each player flips over two cards and turns them back over. However, if they find two matching cards, they take them from the pile. As the game continues, players start remembering where particular cards are. At the end, the person with the most pairs of cards wins the game. Use a typical deck of cards, buy specialised decks featuring matching cards with fun images, or make your own.



The Uno card game requires a special pack of cards. The standard cards in the deck are numbered and coloured as red, blue, yellow, or green. Specialty cards are also coloured, but have specific action commands, such as "skip" or "reverse". There are 108 total cards in the deck, and each player gets seven cards to start, and the rest of the cards are stacked facedown in one pile. To start, flip over the top card next to the pile. The first player must place one of their cards on top, but it must match the colour, number, or action command of the card on the table. If they do not have any matching cards, they must draw two new ones. Players aim to get rid of all cards in their hand and must remember to call out "Uno" when down to a single card. Failure to do so means having to draw two cards. Other versions, such as Uno Extreme, offer playing variations.

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