Fancy Buying a 35 mm Camera - The Layman's guide for

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Fancy Buying a 35 mm  Camera ? - The Layman's guide for Camera Buying



If like me,you like photography,and have used a 35 mm camera in the past,but have always wanted one that was better,you may well be sifting through the film cameras listings on eBay.Obviously with the advent of digital- prices for 35 mm cameras for the most part have lowered considerably,and I guess you'll be going through these listings drooling over the makes and models that you once would have loved to own but couldn't afford to.


Over the past few months I've bought quite a few cameras from eBay,and have to some degree become obsessed with cameras!.I'd be the first to admit that my knowdelge on the subject is not that great,however I can offer the following hopefully helpful knowledge for you.


If you're looking for the likes of Nikon, Pentax,Canon and   - most of these makes and models of cameras are still very popular,and will usually fetch quite a reasonable price. Personally I've kept to the cheaper Nikons - eg The F 301's- a nice robust model ,and the Nikon EM.

Olympus cameras are very popular - the Om 10 and 20 are frequently on eBay,and you'll be able to pick one up for quite a reasonable price.These cameras like a lot of others will not work properly without batteries fitted.

Praktica/Zenit  Zorki etc ( The Russian-and the'Tanks' of a camera world)- usually inexpensive and quite popular,although if you're going to use one a lot - think twice-some of them are very heavy-especially fitted with larger lenses!

The main thing with buying most things on eBay is really to do your homework - scroll through the listings,put selected cameras on your watch list,and see what they sell for as a rule. This will  give you an idea of how much to pay.Beware of 'untested cameras'- some sellers are genuine,and some are a bit sneaky!.( I very recently bought an Olympus OM 1 - untested - and wished I hadn't- the work needed on it is unviable! ) Bear in mind that older cameras will quite possibly need the 'light seals 'and any other foam rubber replacing on them,bear in mind also that listings that mention ' brassing ' on the camera -this would suggest that it has had a lot of use (although of course if the camera has been serviced it should perform well) There are bargains to be had,but be a bit careful.


Cameras lenses are another story- but as you become more knowlegeable with makes and models,you'll also  get to know a certain amount about different lenses for different models. You will find that very good lenses fetch high prices!


Compact 35 mm cameras - an abundance of these on eBay,and I've bought a number of them. Most are a very good buy if you want a simple  to use camera (usually hardy used ),cost generally  for your 'averange' cheapish compact will be about £4.99 inc post! - some sellers will also throw in a couple of films as well (although usually time expired - but ok!).


Well - all the best - but bear in mind eBay has a brilliant selection of goodies on it's' photographic' page -just don't get too addicted!

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