Fancy a FREE PS3?

Like if this guide is helpful


  Oh yes this is for real and I will now explain fully how you can go about getting yourself a free Sony Playstation 3! There have been literally hundreds and thousands of people who have used this method to get theirs so why not you too?


It's really very simple and straight forward. There are 3 main steps to the process which I will now show you.


Step 1:

Visit Scroll down the page and select the PS3 or one of the other items if you prefer. You then need to type your email address into the white bar in the blue box. Agree to the terms and conditions and then click "Sign Up".

Step 2:

You now need to complete an offer from one of the advertiser. Don't worry, some of them are free! The two free offers are the LOEFiLM two week free trial and the American Express credit card. For the LOVEFiLM offer you just need to take out a 2 week free trial. For the American Express card you need to apply for a credit card and get accepted. You DO NOT NEED TO SPEND ANY MONEY ON IT!

Step 3:

Now you need to refer some other people to go the same. When you join the website you're issued with a unique referral link which you need people to click on to get your referral. To speed up the process for you latest free offers have created a group on Facebook and Myspace. Perform a search for latest free offers and join the group. You can then post you referral link in the group and invite all your friends to join! This will help you to get your item as soon as possible.

Now if you have read this far then you must be interested so I will now explain to you how and why this works.

It's very straight forward really. When a member of latest free offerscompletes one of the offers the website earns a commission. Once your referrals have also completed an offer enough commission is earnt to pay for the item you wish and it is then sent out to you!

What are you waiting for? The sooner you get started and join the sooner you will get your free item!

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