Fast, Reliable - and Inexpensive - Courier!!!!!

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I have been on and off Ebay since gawd was a toddler; and what really ticks me off; are sellers who sell at a decent price; or auction an item at a super start price; only to find that the postage they are asking for - you could go buy whatever you after new; and still save money; or even buy two!!!

Many things I really, really wanted - BUT because of the outrageous price asked for in delivery - I went without!

Now, I contact the seller; ask if I can arrange for the item to be collected if I am the winner; if they agree; I then wait until auction end - and with luck; having won it at a great price; I then go to 'PAYPERDROP'; and buy a pick up for £5.99; that is for an item under 31 kilos; and under a certain size - really reasonable!!  If you are bidding on or buying a small elephant - they have a great price for that as well.  

'PAYPERDROP' is their Ebay ID; and well worth keeping in your favorites...think about it; how about all those; get it for nothing just come get it - they'll go get it for you!!!!

This is probably one of the best kept secrets here on Ebay.  A true Ebay bargain!!!!

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