Fastmemoryman is he worlds worst ebayer

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fast memory man at a glance looks like a good seller, at this time he has a feedback score of 187713 and a 98.2% rating. after you do the math 98.2% of 187713 is 184334, which means 3379 negative feedback!! on average he gets 200 negatives a month which is terrible. unfortunately eBay only removes members when their feedback score reaches -4 so anyone can have thousands of negatives and thousands of positives and get away with it without eBay even blinking an eye.

fastmemoryman says that the postage is fast and he is in the UK!!! he is based in America which means an item can take weeks to arrive if you live over seas. he also packages his items in the most dangerous way possible, for example i ordered a processor from him once which is a very fragile component, and it arrived wrapped in cardboard!!!!!!! if even one of the pins were to be broken the processor wouldn't function at all and would be beyond repair meaning i would have to wait about a month for a response from him and probably 20 years before i received the replacement.

so what ever you do DONT order from or even look at his auctions, DONT recommend him at all, DO burn him alive if you see him walking down the street!!
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