Faulty Nintendo DS Calibration?

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Has your DS got a faulty calibration? Is it hard to calibrate it? Do you have to push hard for the calibration to work, yet sometimes it does not finish?

Well, my Nintendo DS had the same fault. I then read into some forums and finally found out it was due to the screen protector I had placed on the touch screen. When I stuck it on, I leveled it so it was not touching the sides. Some how the screen protector managed to get under the screen.

Once I removed the screen protector, the calibration worked amazing! How it should do.
However, if your DS has not got a screen protector and you have the same fault, then it could be that you need to replace the LCD touch screen which I am not sure of the total cost. Although the replacement screens can be picked up off eBay for a couple of quid. Some computer/console repair shops usually do the job cheaper if the parts are supplied, (Although it does help to get an original screen replacement or else it may not work if you get one of those cheap China replacements!)

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