Fax Machine Points To Note

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Fax machines

are not dead and buried, in fact they have even had a little revival in 2005 which looks to continue in 2006. There are many differing types of fax machine and this brief guide will hopefully make things a little clearer.

Laser, Ink film or Ink jet are all types of fax available and each one has its pros and cons. DST faxes and refills are here

Laser:   If you receive a lot of faxes (10 / 20+ pages a day) Laser is the way to go as its the cheapest to run but the most expensive to buy. Calculate carefully the extra cost in relation to your fax`s received to make sure ITS WORTH IT. Lots of laser faxes give the average page print per refill and this will help you work it out.

Ink Film:   Like a big carbon paper ink film is always ready to use and gets good results every time (important if you get infrequent but important faxes). Panasonic and Philips make really good ink film versions and typically you will get 140 pages for £18 so just over 10p per fax page received. (note you cannot "scroll" the inkfilm back as a big chunks of text will be missing from the next faxes you receive!!)

Do you have a PANAFAX 141 / 235 / 245 ?

We have just finished testing the Printrite compatible ink films and they are superb and at £9.90 for a duo pack (with free post) they are a HUGE money saver - SEE THE INK FILM HERE

Ink Jet:   Sharper than ink film and cheaper than laser, ink jet needs to be used frequently though or the nozzle will dry up and that all important fax you are expecting will be patchy at best. Use ink jet for receiving frequent graphics heavy fax`s. If you get INfrequent graphics heavy fax`s get a laser machine.

When you buy a fax it will have a TINY amount of ink / toner in it and you will be scuttling around paying top money for a refill immediately DONT do it! buy a refill at the same time as the fax and you will get free delivery for the refill at least (well you will from DST!!)

The Philips 585 / 595 and Panasonic 235 / 245 are our favourite machines and both have DECT cordless handsets with them PLUS the capability to take extra handsets so your home phone system can include a fax ansaphone as well seamlessly intergrated - mail or call if you want to discuss combinations we are happy to help office hours.


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