Features of a Carbon Bicycle Frame

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Features of a Carbon Bicycle Frame

Before purchasing a bicycle, consumers must make an important decision as to the material of the frame. Bicycles utilise a vast assortment of materials, but many make use of carbon for the frame. There are numerous benefits to purchasing bikes with a carbon frame, as they are inexpensive, durable, fairly lightweight, and long-lasting.


It is a Strong, High-Tensile Material

Carbon bicycle frames are a form of high-tensile steel, which means that carbon bicycles are able to take a lot of damage before becoming unusable. High-tensile steel is ten times as strong as wood, and a similar material is commonly used to construct bridge ropes and motorway safety fences. Thus, while it may not be the strongest material ever, it is still strong enough that cyclists need not worry about the stability and longevity of their bikes.


Carbon Frames are Inexpensive

Slightly stronger bike frames are much more expensive than carbon. Chromoly, aluminium, and titanium are all more expensive than carbon frames. However, depending on how you plan to use your bike, a carbon frame may be more than enough. Unless you plan on biking for several hours a day or entering your bicycle into a series of races, a carbon frame should be all you need.


Carbon vs. Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre, on the other hand, uses similar materials, yet it is much different from carbon. It is generally one of the strongest and most lightweight materials for a bike frame. Bearing this in mind, it is also one of the most expensive types of bike frames available. Though both materials technically contain carbon, these two types of frames exist on opposing ends of the spectrum. Buyers should consider purchasing a bike with a carbon frame if they want an extremely light bike that will last for decades.


The Material is Recyclable

In the event that you purchase a carbon bicycle and no longer wish to use it, you can always recycle the frame. Recycling a carbon frame may lead to the construction of carbon fibre frames. It is also easier to create carbon fibre from recycled carbon fibre than to construct it from carbon. Whether your bike is made of carbon fibre or simply carbon, there are plenty of benefits to recycling the material.

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