Features to Consider When Buying a Fixed TV Wall Bracket

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Five Features to Consider When Buying a Fixed TV Wall Bracket on eBay

Fixed television wall brackets are typically simple to install and inexpensive compared to more complex wall brackets and mounts. They enable a flat screen television to be mounted on a wall away from fixtures and furniture to create a streamlined, contemporary look.

Choosing a Fixed TV Wall Bracket on eBay

There are hundreds of fixed television wall brackets listed for sale on eBay. Choosing the right one involves consideration of five key features.


There are two basic types of fixed TV wall bracket for sale on eBay. The first is the traditional style bracket with a horizontal wall plate to which two vertical supports are attached which fix to the television. The bracket is fixed to the wall and then the television can be hung from the supports, using pre-drilled holes in the back of the television. The two rails can be moved along the wall plate so they are in the best position, which will normally mean positioning centrally as well as obviously to line up with the television holes. The second style is a square shaped wall mount. This style of mount takes up less room than the traditional style bracket. With regards to price, there is little difference between the two types.


There are several factors to consider when it comes to deciding upon bracket size. Look carefully at the product descriptions on eBay to ensure that the bracket is suitable for the television.

Screen Size

Fixed television wall brackets are available in different sizes to correspond to certain screen sizes. Television screen size is the diagonal measurement across the screen, not the horizontal measurement. Normally a particular range is given, for example, 32 inches to 42 inches or 32 inches to 50 inches. If the size of the television screen falls within the given range, then the bracket can be used.

Space Limitations

However, some cautions should be kept in mind. The size of the bracket also needs to fit into the space marked out for it. While often this will be a blank wall, there may be permanent fixtures such as doors, fireplaces, or picture rails in the way. The complete dimensions of the bracket need to be checked to ensure that it can physically fit into the space. Note that this consideration does not typically apply to the square shaped wall mounts, just to the style of bracket with wall plate and two rails for the television.

Smaller Televisions with Larger Brackets

If the television falls towards the lower end of the range, there is also the possibility that the bracket will extend to the sides. From an aesthetic point of view, this is less than desirable. Again, it can be checked by looking at the bracket dimensions in the product description and comparing these with the television screen size. It may be preferable to choose a bracket where the television falls in the middle of the range to avoid this potential problem. Again, this is more of a consideration with the wall plate and rail style bracket. The square type of mount is designed to not extend beyond the television screen.

Larger Televisions with Smaller Brackets

Some people also prefer to choose a larger bracket if the television falls right at the higher end of the range, although this is not necessary as the same amount of support should be given regardless.


The profile of a television wall bracket is its depth, or the extent to which it protrudes from the wall. This is an important feature to look out for if aiming for a streamlined and flush appearance to the television.

Low Profile Brackets

Some brackets have a lower profile than others. Look out for brackets described as ultra slim, low profile or similar terms if a low profile bracket is required. Product descriptions may also give actual measurements for the bracket depth, so it can be useful to compare these by looking at a few different products. A slight caution here is that some low profile brackets can be more difficult to install than others, or than raised or normal profile brackets. This is because it is difficult to access the cables and connections. Check out comments on the seller's eBay feedback page to read about other customers' experiences and find out if this is a particular issue.

Televisions with Non-Flat Backs

Bear in mind that not all flat screen televisions have backs that are completely flat. If there are boxes or other protrusions to the back, then a fixed television mount may not be suitable. In these cases, a tilting or articulating mount may be used instead. These can also be found for sale on eBay.

VESA Compatibility and Size

One of the dimensions that will be come across when looking at product descriptions for television mounts on eBay is the VESA rating or size. Not all wall brackets have these, but if they do, the product description will give the sizes and/or state that the product is VESA compatible.

VESA Brackets

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standard Association and, as the name suggests, is a standard set of measurements. Fixed television brackets that are VESA compatible will have a standardised screw placement which matches that on the back of most televisions, so long as they are the same VESA size.

Universal Brackets

Not all brackets are VESA compatible. The alternative is to purchase a universal bracket which fits most televisions within a given range. It may be necessary to measure the screw holes at the back of the television to make sure they fall within the range.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Lastly, the television bracket must be able to support the weight of the television. Brackets are typically made of steel and designed to be sturdy and robust, but even so, it is worth checking the maximum weight against the weight of the television, which can be found in the manufacturer's specification. The weight capacity should be stated by eBay sellers in the product description along with other dimensions and specifications.


Five essential features to consider when purchasing a fixed wall television bracket on eBay are the style of bracket, television screen size, bracket profile, VESA compatibility, and weight capacity. Once these five features are dealt with then further, non-essential, criteria can be considered. When it comes to style, there are two basic styles – the traditional type of bracket with a wall plate and two rails and the square shaped mount. Brackets are divided into ranges corresponding to television screen size. With regards to the profile, low profile brackets are often preferred for their streamlined appearance, but this can also make them more difficult to install. The bracket must either be the right VESA size or a universal bracket which fits the television. Lastly, the bracket must be able to support the weight of the television. There are hundreds of listings for fixed wall brackets on eBay and they are easy to browse and compare.

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