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1. Please be honest with your feedback - I might be the next person to buy from your seller
2. If your unhappy speak to your seller/buyer the greater majority are human :)
3. Try and resolve the problem amicably.
4. If they dont respond to email, if you go to leave negative feedback then Ebay offer youthe contact details - take them and phone them- amazing how people respond to a voice on the phone!
5. Still no joy? then raise a dispute with ebay or paypal simple and it stirs them into some action.
6. Never but Never close a dispute until you are totally satisfied- if you are to have money returned have it in your hand or your acct, promises can be broken!
7. If you got shoddy or mis sized products let the next person to buy know - A negative doesnt reduce their rating it just  tells them they werent the best experience for you. If we dont complain things wont improve and we deserve what we get.
8. Dont be afraid to get one or two negatives- your human- we all want perfect scores but lets face it - there are those out there that if they cant scare, blackmail or threaten you into giving them a positive  when you really mean a negative they will mark you down just to get even! I read what the feed back replies say too few folk use it, or know how to use it...FEEDBACK FORUM reply to feedback left.
9. The feedback we leave DOES mean something.
10. Take time to do it
11. Be clear consise in your response, dont slander - just let the rest of us poor souls know your experience or why you got the negative - we understand cause we have been there.
12 If you have a problem ASK someone - anyone just dont give up on Ebay

Take care and enjoy all Ebay has to offer
Best Wishes Tricia
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