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I have just read a report with regards to recent changes to the way the feedback procedures will change. This means that when a buyer leaves negative feeback (which in the majority of cases is justified) the  seller can no longer respond by giving negative feedback in return.


I believe this is now a fair system as I have recently been subjected to negative feedback from a seller after I justifiably left negative feedback following a rather bad transaction which ended in faulty goods being delivered that ripped. The seller then responded to this feedback by giving me negative feedback, subsequently taking my feedback perentage to 83.5 %. Now I am a casual user of Ebay who really only buys and sells golf items on Ebay. My record as a seller is 100% with regards to feedback however when a potential buyer sees my 83.5% it is not immediately noticable that this actual figure is inaccurate.

Therefore why not split the feedback percentage so that both buyers and sellers can identify immediately if an individual is a good buyer on Ebay who pays immediately through Paypal etc, or more importantly is maybe not a true Ebayer who is not communicating with the buyer, posting items immediately etc etc.

Surely this would be a fairer system for all. I. and I am sure the majority of buyers would not mind a bit of negative feedback, however what I would say is that if a buyer pays through paypal immediately then no matter what feedback he/she gives to the seller there should be no re-course for negative feedback. If you check my feedback you will see a very good example of what I am perhaps very badly trying to explain!


If you agreed with this please vote yes below.




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