Feedback - A guide for buyers

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Feedback is the ebay communities way of rating a Seller / Buyer on their activities within Ebay. Only those who have been involved in a transaction can leave Feedback.

A positive comment gives feedback of 1.

A neutral comment gives no feedback points.

A negative Feedback comment takes 1 point away.

But do not just look at the total score, read the comments as well. Look at the negative points (if any) its worth scrolling down a few pages to read what is written and any answers that have been added. Remember that if members are getting negative comments regularly then things are going wrong regularly!

It means things could go wrong for you too!

Good Feedback

Means a good few comments and a high percentage rating

Remember that a feedback rating of 100% is present after one transaction, so use you judgement when choosing sellers.

A good positive feedback rating is not really a guarantee but people do guard their feedback jealously and work hard to maintain their rating by sorting out problems quickly. A seller with a high feedback rating is definately a better deal than one with a lower feedback rating.

Remember that even on Ebay if a price is too good to believe, then their is probably something wrong with the item!

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