Feedback Fallout

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Just a thought on feedback. I've only had cause to leave negative feedback on 2 occasions since I've been with ebay and ended up with retaliation feedback with the seller thinking they could blackmail me into removing feedback mutually. I chose not to given I did not feel the standard of service I'd recieved warranted removal. I can understand that removing feedback mutually is sometimes a good thing if perhaps you have done it in haste and the problem has been resolved later, but the buyer should never do it solely because they are worried about their feedback score being tarnished. If you recieved bad service then other ebayers deserve to hear about it. Don't allow sellers to hold you to ransom when it comes to feedback. This culture that has developed on ebay of your good feedback gets mine, defeats the purpose of feedback. I think it safe to say that people only ever look at feedback for one reason and that is to see what other buyers have said about the seller. Sure there are some people who have nothing better to do other than complain about bad service but it's easy to see who those people are. I'm curious how many sellers actually look at feedback of the people bidding on their items, I know I don't when I'm selling something.

One thing I think ebay should do though, is have a seperate feedback score for selling and buying opposed to combining the feedback together.

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