Feedback Issues

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Feedback Issues

Hiya & welcome to our Guide

Just a short guide to deal with nice & unpleasant ebayers - feedback issues

There are a few important things to remember when dealing with feedback

1. Wait - Never Leave Feedback as soon as buyer as paid - if you sell on ebay you will realise that there are very spiteful ebayers on here and if they threaten you with bad feedback you can't leave same if you already left it (simple right)

2. don't get worried - feedback thats unfair can be resolved with an appeal to ebay - and if it doesn't get sorted you can always add your own comment to your page explaining why this happened whether you bought or sold this item - just make it clear to other potential buyers/sellers what really happened. But don't sound bitchy on it as that will go against you & is a real turn off to potential customers

3. keep calm - you will have MANY bad experiences with people (like life really) on ebay, but if you KEEP CALM & don't tell them exactly what you think of them (v. hard sometimes to bite your lip ) then they normally will keep calmer & not result in nasty slanging matches which will only make it worst & make you feel even more peed off

4. Postage damage -  If not happy with item when purchased or if damaged - keep it simple & keep it pleasant - everybody selling & buying will have issues with damaged items in post at some point. So if you're a SELLER - simply apologise & Offer refund for item price to be returned (if you offer this) or send them proof of postage / insurance with royal mail where they can make a claim. or if you're a BUYER - keep it pleasant after all items do get damaged in post when even are wrapped properly & there will be items that are posted in nothing but black bin bags (from experience and fragile items too) but keep it level headed request refund or advise on options avaliable - if was unsuitable packing you can ask for a refund if was just bad luck and they have insurance ask for it & make a claim with postal system

And there you are thats a few quick pointers for all of you out there

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