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Writing/ leaving/ follow up - extra feedback/ replying to feedback...

  • Got a problem? CONTACT THE SELLER OR BUYER FIRST! It's the polite thing to do and 99% of the time, will result in happy eBayers.
  • Use your feedback entries to be honest, please don't use it as a 'name-calling' forum.
  • When writing, try to be original: keep a list of your favourite phrases, mix them up a bit and keep it fresh. Sometimes, keeping it simple - just a few well chosen words really stands out!
  • Sellers, could you leave comments about the transaction and the buyer, please don't use the space to advertise your shop.
  • You can leave MORE feedback about an item/buyer/seller. As a buyer, I often use this AFTER a transaction is complete and feedback has been left for me.

  • To leave MORE feedback follow these steps...    


           > feedback forum

           > follow up on feedback left

           > click the 'Follow up' link on the right handside


  • AND/OR, to reply to feedback left for you... 

           > community          

           > feedback forum

           > reply to feedback received

           > right handside 'reply'

Above all, I believe the eBay Community is a great place. Communication, honesty, fairness and manners, all help to make it go around just that bit more smoothly.

Hope at least some of this Guide has been of use??

Take care



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