Feedback Monitoring

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I am writing this guide with regards to my views on the use of feedback and its usefulness when abused and when it is not monitored by a third party for accuracy and fairness.  I know if you read feedbacks relevant to a given transaction you can usually determine the cause of the breakdown and the problem between the two participants.  However, how many people genuinely take the time to go through this process.  Most of the time the only thing that a potential buyer or seller looks at is the feedback score.  If the feedback facility is just used in a tit-for-tat manner in otherwords if you leave me negative feedback for whatever reason I will reciprocate. I think it would be useful to have a third party ajudicator to decide if a feedback is correct and relevant and not just something used out of malice.  This seems to me all important if you consider the feedback system is a form of self-correction that the ebay community use as a guideline and an aid to assist in making decisions on matters of purchasing and selling.  In otherwords the feedback system needs to be a system that the community can trust and rely on.

I now note that ebay as amended its feedback policy and is no longer possible for sellers to leave retalitry feedback.  This is something that in my opinion has been a long time coming, thank god common sense has prevailed.

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