Feedback Scam

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I write this in exasperation at certain people who seem to delight in spoiling 100% feedback for reasons only known to themselves.


Scenario: I sell two identical items within hours of each other from my ebay store to persons who are brand new to ebay and joined the day of the bid obviously Zero feedback.  The items are Buy It Now items and therefore it is clearly shown by eBay that a Paypal account is required to purchase the items.  My description also indicates that items will not be despatched until the payment has been received and shown in the account.

No payment is indicated as having been received by paypal for either item and as per normal I send off my first reminder - nothing heard for a week I then send a further reminder and wham 1 negative feedback stating I had received a cheque and cashed it - Damn Lies.  I respond and again abusive/ libellious feedback left. a week later another one again stating that they had paid by cheque sent in the post and given negative feedback because of the Royal Mail Strike - more lies.

After receiving the first negative feedback and responding I sent an email to ebay saying that this was a set up for the fake bidders delight having now received the second negative this has served to confirm my fears. Ebay was asked to help over 10 days ago and to date have not responded and have done nothing other than forward emails to each other, I find the way that this has occurrred to be unsavoury and unfair, these people should not be allowed to make unfounded accusations and lies and as we pay a lot of money over the years to use ebay then they should assist in removing these people who take their delight in offending others.

There are many honest and hard working people who use ebay and yes we all started out with zero feedback and I am grateful for those sellers who allowed me to make a purchase which after all allowed me to build up a feedback, I COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY WHEN I READ THE DESCRIPTION OF AN ITEM THAT PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY SAYING 'NO BUYERS WITH ZERO FEEDBACK' however, after what has happened to me I now know why,I very sadly have now set my profile to not allow bidding to those with zero feedback.

The 2 bidders had hotmail addresses, and I have dealt with people with hotmail addresses with no problems but I have heard that anyone can set up a hotmail address at any time.  SELLERS PLEASE BEWARE 

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