Feedback System

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I am very disappointed with the changes in the feedback process. I understand that the old system could be open to abuse from both the seller and buyer, in terms of the buyer not wanting to leave negative feedback to the seller due to unwarranted retaliation. However, this same discourse also applies to the seller. The structure Ebay has now employed has made balanced feedback almost impossible to achieve. Unreasonable buyers can leave negative feedback before the seller has time to reslove the situation, thats if there ever was a situation at first instance.

Recently, I had a very sarcastic and rude email from a buyer and would have left him neutral feedback, however, this I am not able to do. It was a simple case of him not reading the instruction manual. I feel the current process will leave honest sellers open to abuse and will not show a true reflection of their aftersales care.

In addition, buyers who fail to purchase items or make unreasonable demands are able to threaten genuine sellers with negative feedback. Equally their behaviour will not be fed back to other sellers. The new system implies that buyers are above reproach, leaving the seller with few rights.

I know this is a long shot and in many ways, the words on the screen are unlikely to be acted upon, however, I ask if Ebay could reconsider this feedback process. It is unfair to the seller.




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