Feedback and why it does not work

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Feedback the cornerstone of ebays system, does not work. Why, well take a buyer new to ebay, they buy 50 items at 1.99,plus postage say £150. Take the same buyer buys one car cost £10,000, who has the most invested in there feedback and who would you be safer selling to?

O.K. so you buy an item, I bought three items from a seller in New York, (I had bought from the states before with no problem) what arrived was on item and two pieces of junk, sent the junk back. There ensured a long wrangle, when I read  the feedback some buyers mentioned "extra gifts" that had been recieved, included in their purchases. As emails were being not returned I went to paypal, and left negative feedback, boy was that a mistake. The sellers now being chased by paypal left me negative feedback, although I had paid for the items. They wait for you to leave feedback until they do,therby if the purchase goes wrong they zapp you. My 100% record now with three negative feedbacks, complaints to ebay fell on deaf ears as do any complaints in my experience. Eventually I was refunded my money and I mean eventaully, we agreed to trade neutral feedback which was the only way I could remove the negative feedback. Again I wrote to ebay who did nothing. So what do I do now, well I do not leave negative or neutral feedback as it means the seller does the same to you. I asked ebay why the sellers feedback should have to be registered first or  have say 30 days to register in other words as long as you pay the seller they should be happy, the buy would get 40-60 days to leave feedback this would protect the innocent buyer from fraud, but they refused to listen . So what are we left with a system that is flawed, you can as a seller sell junk knowing that the buyer has little chance of doing you harm, as if they leave negative feedback you retaliate with the same. Neutral is along the same lines. so we have a  system that only really records the happy seller and buyer so a list of what you have bought. My feed back is around 60, I have bought a lot more from ebay but will not leave feedback unless the seller has really pulled out the stops. Feedback

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