Feedback from sellers

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I feel that feedback system in ebay is unfair for genuine buyers like me who pay on time, to put it simply sellers should have to leave feedback for buyers before the buyer leaves feedback for the seller.
The reason I say this is because I have bought items on ebay and paid according to the sellers instruction etc etc but received no feedback from the seller until I have left them feedback
Surely a buyer who complies with the sellers instructions should be left positive feedback period.
Then depending on the service received from the seller the buyer can leave genuine feedback, doing it this way round would encourage some sellers to give better service, I have in the main had very good service from a lot of genuine ebay sellers, I have also had terrible service a few times.
Would you expect a retail outlet to thank  you for your custom or should you thank the retail outlet for letting it take your hard earned money?
Time for a change ebay time to make the customer king again instead of the sellers, if it was not for the buyers the sellers would not exist
By the way thanks to all the genuine ebayers I have purchased from and received great service, you guys make the experience worth while
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