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ive noticed that recently most sellers are not leaving feedback, and you have to ask for it.
i refuse to leave feedback now, until i have received feedback from the seller first.

Once a buyer pays he/she should not have to wait to receive feedback, his/her end of the transaction is complete. Be wary of a seller who demands that the buyer leaves feedback first.

The seller tends to have the upper hand. The goods usually won't be shipped until a payment is cleared. The buyer tends to leave feedback on receipt of the goods and should be free to comment on any part of the sellers service. The seller then leaves feedback for the buyer but not always on the conduct or attitude of the buyer, often the feedback left reflects the feedback received. The feedback system is supposed to be used to rate the transaction, service, behaviour etc and should not be used to rate feedback. The comments are there to allow you to respond to the feedback. If you have fulfilled your obligations as a buyer or a seller in a courteous and timely manner then you deserve appropriate feedback, anything else is DISHONEST. 

Check to see if the same problems are happening with various people, the main one seems to be a lack of communication i.e. people being ignored when they try to contact the seller, if they are then the chances are there is some truth in them. eBay offers a message service and it should be used. If a problem exists with an external email then use eBay's facility. Other aspects to consider are comments and feedback that are rude, offensive, arrogant, ignorant, racist, sexist, mocking, demeaning, hypocritical etc. Do you really want to deal with such a person? Remember it could be you next.

Beware of boasts about a high feedback score, "Buy from me as I have 4000 satisfactory transactions" means 4000 people did not experience a problem but what about the people that did experience a problem? How many people experienced a problem? Were the problems dealt with in an acceptable manner? How were they treated? Remember it could be you next.

Beware of comments such as "I've sold hundreds of these without any problems", again what about the one out of the hundreds there is a problem with?  Or comments such as "He got a £200 item for £30 and he's not happy". The price paid isn't what is important but the item matching the description or the photograph is. A £200 item for £30 that is broken or otherwise unusable is worthless. Remember it could be you next.

Beware of comments such as "I did respond, I've got the emails to prove it". How can it be proven to you or any other eBayer that emails have been sent? It can't. Accusations involving extracts from emails are similarly not provable i.e. you said in your email "Give me something for free or I will leave you a  negative". Comments such as these are nonsense. Feedback should be factual and honest, not an opportunity to make vindictive allegations against the other person. Remember it could be you next.
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