Feedback is now unfair and one sided

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The Ebay feedback system has by and large been the trusted plank on which ebay members have placed a great deal of faith. Now however it is wrong, wrong, wrong and is very fast becoming unfair and unjust for everybody.

What I am talking about is this new system where a seller can only leave positive feedback, not negative feedback no matter how bad or unfair his selling experience has been. This new feedback system is ill thought out and anti everything that was fair about feedback, dont get me wrong, the old ebay system was not perfect and had its faults ie revenge negative feedback etc, but this new system is just plain wrong, just you wait until you have a bad selling experience then are only allowed to leave positive feedback about the buyer who has just badly let you down. Is this correct? No!!! Is this fair on you the seller? No of course its not!!!

What is now fast beginning to happen is that members are "buying" goods and articles in the full knowledge that if they dont turn up to collect and pay for those goods or articles that they have "bought" then the new feedback system now protects them from having any negative feedback placed against them.  What will happen is that ebay will now start to degenerate because sellers will never know if a "buyer" actually is genuine or not.

The only way at present to "expose" these people who dont pay or ignore your emails about when they are collecting your items is by writing a guide about them, because you cannot now leave negative feedback how daft is that! To stop this situation of unjust feedback Ebay have used an almighty sledgehammer to crack a very tiny nut.

In my view Ebay should bring back feedback for both buyer and seller forthwith, but to mitigate this,  Ebay should also add to its system some sort of a member based jury or panel where all feedback disputes could be voted on by say 25 ordinary members of good standing.  This will then enable members who feel they have had negative feedback unjustly put against them to have it removed by a simple vote of the members panel after both sides have put their arguments by email via ebay, who of course would preserve the voting members identity. This is truly democratic and a much much fairer way than before, when all ebay did was just point blank refuse to remove bad feedback no matter how unjust or undeserved.

Thank you for your time in reading this guide, please do vote Yes for it in the box below if you feel like me that sellers now have no voice or any means of comment on bad buyers. Please vote thanks!

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