Feedback on Japanese items

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I have noticed that a new trend has crept in............When people buy from me I apply positive feedback as soon as the payment arrives.   I have no problems with either the item or postage cost,it seems that many sellers now withhold their feedback untill the buyer has applied a positive.

We now have a problem......Should the seller have charged outlandish postage or missdescribed the item, the buyer will be unlikely to apply any negative aspect for fear of retaliation.    I have recently bought a number of items for a friend, an example I can quote is two items from the US, the first {a flag} had a postage cost of $5 and arrived in six days, the second{a flag} cost $27 and arrived 10 days later.

As I was buying fo another the option for me on feedback was .....(a) No feedback so no information for potential buyer's...(b) apply in the section re postage and speed of delivery the correct information. (c)Apply a Negative/Neutral and recieve the same.

I would suggest that ebay require of sellers that on reciept of payment that a positive feedback is given.  If the seller is honest in both the description of the item and the postage cost it should not be a problem.....................

It would also be sensible that the buyer if unsatisfied, have to have mailed the seller at least once with a registered query befor being allowed to apply any neutral or negative feedback. Buyer remorse is not unknown.

We depend as a group on knowledge, sellers who recieve feed back but are too lazy to return the favour, should have some penalty.


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