Fee's - ebay is ripping us off

Like if this guide is helpful

As a Seller you pay to insert the Item (this amount is X) I think these are fair charges,

Then when the item sells your chraged a Final Value Fee (this amount is Y) I think these are UNFAIR,

and if the buyer pal with PAYPAL (Ebay preferred as its owned by Ebay) your charged a fee for the buyer doing this (this amount is Z)

how the hell can they expect anyone (apart from Ebay) to make any money when you pay ebay and company's X + Y + Z = EBAY is getting richer

He's an Example?

     Item listed has start price of £9.99 + £3.50 P&P, List fee is £0.35p (X)

     Item Sells for £ 16.05 + P&P, Final Value Fee is £0.84p (Y)

     Buyer Pays using Palpal, Paypal Fee £0.86p (Z)

                                                            Ebays+PayPal Total Charge £ 2.05 (X + Y + Z)

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