Fifth Element REMASTERED Blu-ray

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One of Sony's first releases on Blu-ray, Fifth Element was a disaster. The poor quality of the transfer had HD fans spitting tacks to such an extent that Sony eventually remastered it & offered a free exchange for people that had bought the original Blu-ray release.

At least they got it right the second time around with a film that's as good as it can be - which is one that will make a Hi-Def setup sparkle to full potential.

Now it would have been sensible for them to clearly mark the case "remastered" but they didn't. Here's how to tell the difference:

While the box art for the remastered edition is nearly identical to the earlier Blu-ray release, the words "Experience High Definition" appear in silver foil, (not gray), and Dolby TrueHD is listed among the audio tracks on the back of the box on this new edition.

There is currently NOT a region B release of the film but the good news is that the US release is region FREE and will work just fine on UK players.
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