Filofax IS IT REAL?????

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I recently had my car broken into & had my trusty old Filofax stolen,  I trawled over E-bay for Hours looking & watching for the right one to come along. Finally one appeared & at first glance it was great but looking deeper & Copying & saving the pics posted to my computer ( So I could blow up the images for a closer look) .....All was not well    a "Never Used" item looked to be well "dog-eared"  & next to useless.........I steered well clear........

Do Try this Click the picture & click Save to desktop then open the picture with "Picture viewer" & ZOOM right in using the "+" tag .....You'll get a much better view of your intended purchase than you would squinting at a little pic.

Anyway Back to Filofax...................

Further investigation located a member called "Filofax Fairy"   A real GENUINE GUY with GENUINE filofaxes at the RIGHT PRICE.

I CANNOT PRAISE THIS MEMBER ENOUGH..... If you want THE GENUINE ARTICAL at a GENUINE PRICE then search out "Filofax Fairy"

In the FILOFAX BUSINESS ................HE's THE MAN TO GO TO NO QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!

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