Filter coffee maker with thermos: Gaggia G103 is good

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The Gaggia G103 is a plain filter coffee maker that feeds into a metal thermos jug.

I'm pleased with it. Here are reasons to consider it against the alternatives (especially against a cheap filter coffee maker from Argos or Woolies):

-It has a thermos. Not many coffee makers do. The thermos works, and can be put in the dishwasher (it didn't say that in the instructions, but I've been doing it for ages with no problems).
-The thermos is solid metal (apart from the vacuum obviously) and won't break. This is good, as death by cracked jug is the normal expiry method of my coffee makers.
-The lid of the jug has this gizmo button that pops down when you insert it in the coffee maker, pops up when you take it out (totally seals the jug), and you just press it to let the coffee out. It does keep the coffee hot.
-it makes reliable coffee - the water is hot when it goes through the grounds, the permanent filter is fine meshed enough to cope with all coffee types I've tried.
-for those who care about aesthetics -I don't particularly- it's all solidly built, the brushed metal looks fine, the jug has heft.

Cons: it's not the cheapest (around 40 GBP) .

That's all: enjoy the coffee.

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