Fimo Clay Buying Guide

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Fimo Clay Buying Guide

Fimo clay is a brand of polymer clay that is used to make a variety of accessories. It can be moulded in a creative fashion to comprehend any sort of miniature project.  Such items as toy models, cake decorations and various jewellery designs are popular Fimo fabrications.

This guide will concentrate on some of the different Fimo products on the market and how to buy one, specifically looking at eBay which has thousands of designs to cater for the UK market.

What is Fimo Clay?

  • Polymer clay is a type of modelling clay that can be moulded into a variety of shapes and then hardened by placing it in an oven. It can then be fashioned in different styles by cutting, painting, drilling and sanding. The guidelines for heating are vary but it will take around 15 to 20 minutes in order to solidify the majority of clay types using a conventional home based oven. Make sure to read the instructions before heating.
  • Fimo clay is made by German company Staedtler and is recognisable all over the world as one of the leading brands. It comes in many different colours to make working with it an enjoyable pastime, not just for children but some adults too who are interested in arts and crafts design.

Uses of Fimo Clay

Looking on eBay then typing in “Fimo clay” will bring up thousands of results, mainly because it can be used to create so many different objects. If looking at the preference menu on the left hand side of the page, the following categories that appear will include:

  • Beads
  • Cardmaking and Scrapbooking
  • Jewellery Making
  • Cake Decorating
  • Ceramic and Pottery Making
  • Sewing
  • Candle Making

Who can use Fimo Clay?

Modelling Fimo clay is an activity that anybody can try out. Fimo Soft was released to help smaller children mould the clay easier as the original version can be quite tough in some parts to manoeuvre and shape. It is also widely used by adults who enjoy the challenge of designing, sculpting and finishing off a personal creation.

Some professional sculptors use Fimo clay to make a miniature prototype of their design before they progress to the real project. The clay is also popular with art students who can use the Fimo products to complete particular projects.

Fimo Clay Techniques

After a set of Fimo clay has been purchases, it can be shaped in a variety of ways depending on what it has been bought for and who is using it.

  • Softening – The Fimo clay products are sold in quite firm blocks which although make it excellent for staying in shape after it has been hardened, may make it a bit tough to sculpt in the first place. To soften Fimo to make it easier to work with, it is best to break it up into smaller pieces and agitate the clay with your fingertips.
  • Sculpting – Fimo clay can be sculpted into any design necessary either by hand or using certain tools. More skilled crafters will be able to make more intricate figures and may look into buying more advanced utensils.
  • Beading – Constructing beads is a popular way of shaping Fimo clay, largely as they are relatively simple to form. The holes can be input before the beads are hardened, or afterwards with a suitable drill.
  • Polishing – To create a smooth effect after the clay has been hardened, a variety of polishing techniques can be used to ensure the final version is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Sandpaper, drilling or varnishing can provide a good effect.
  • Painting – To make a design come to life and look more realistic, paint can be applied to hardened Fimo clay aswell. This can be an effective way of teaching careful coordination skills to youngsters as some of the parts being painted may be small.

Buying Tips for Fimo Clay

When coming to make a Fimo purchase, there are a few things to consider – none more important than what it will be used for. Are blocks of clay needed in order to make a model from scratch, or is a ready-made product more suitable?

Knowing what price to pay for Fimo clay is also helpful for buyers. It is a very affordable product for anyone to purchase; an individual block will be available for below £3 on eBay not including postage and packaging. For actual Fimo clay products –because making personal items can be done by anyone and are not restricted to professional companies – most items are still generally on the low side. Some high level models, pieces of jewellery or ornaments that have been carefully constructed using Fimo clay may sell for a much higher price however.

If looking to buy Fimo clay in order to sculpt personal designs, then it is best to look for blocks of different colours that have been listed for sale together. Buying a bulk amount of different coloured blocks will provide more creative moulding options and will also save money than buying separately.  

Remember if buying for children to play with any design their own sculptures, parents will need to use the oven in order to harden the clay.

Where to buy from is another important aspect to think about. As there are thousands of different products on the market to choose from, actually searching for a product in shops may be tricky unless you stumble upon it fortunately. In this respect it makes much more sense to shop online where specific Fimo clay, or Fimo clay products, can be found. eBay is an efficient place to look as many different products will be listed in the same place and can be evaluated next to each other in terms of price and condition.

Buying Fimo Products on eBay

This section will look at how to use eBay to purchase Fimo clay products. It will look at the different options available of how to use the site as smoothly as possible and feel confident in making any future purchases.

  • Use the search bar - It is best to search for Fimo products via the search bar rather than trawling through categories as there is so many sections it can fall into. If looking for a specific model of Fimo clay then simply type this into the search bar and review the results possible.
  • Narrow the results - In some cases on eBay too many results will appear on the listings page to shift through and make the right selection. Use the preference bar on the left-hand side of the page or the advanced link to specify exactly what sort of Fimo clay is needed.
  • Auction - The auction facility on eBay works with the seller selecting a set time limit for people to bid on their item and a starting price for offers to begin at. To get involved in this, simply enter the starting amount or a value exceeding the current bid. If your bid is the highest when the auction ends, the Fimo clay or Fimo clay item will be yours. Be careful to set a limit however as any winning bid is equal to a legally binding contract purchase.
  • Buy It Now - With some items on eBay, the option may also be there to buy instantly for the set price. Look out for Fimo clay listings that offer the option to both buy at Auction or instantly through the Buy It Now facility – this provides theopportunity to make a bit at a potentially low price but also security of knowing the purchase can be secured at any time if worried about being outbid.
  • Watch an item - Items on eBay may have been listed for auction with a time limit of up to 10 days. Bidding too early may attract further interest in the Fimo product from other parties and push the price up. By choosing to ‘watch’ an item it will be stored in the Watch List which can be found in My eBay. Here, all the Fimo clay products that are preferable can be seen in one place without searching out each particular one again. Their current price and end time can be reviewed much easier this way.
  • Read the item description - A very basic mistake some eBayers make is to not fully study the item on offer. Look out for any negative stipulations or negative aspects within the listings; some Fimo items may not be all they seem at first glance.
  • Postage and packaging - The extra cost of postage is something easily forgotten by some when making a bid. Take this into consideration when setting the budget. Although many Fimo products will appear to be on the low side to buy, postage costs may push this figure up significantly. Remember also that products coming from overseas will cost substantially more to have delivered. 
  • Know the seller - Always be accustomed with who has listed the item. Click on their profile and review how many transactions they have already completed, along with their feedback rating. The more successful transactions will more than likely this person is to be trusted.


Fimo clay is a widely used product in the arts world by children, amateurs and skilled craftsman alike. It can be moulded into certain designs with a variety of colours and then sculpted, painted and polished to enhance its appearance even further. Such items as beads, ornaments and jewellery can be made from Fimo clay.

Likewise, it is possible to buy ready-made products that have been professionally made from a selection of outlets. eBay has plenty of items available within its marketplace that are available from a variety of sellers at affordable prices. When using the site, read eBay’s buying safety guidelines to ensure a secure purchase.

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