Find VELUX Codes for Window Blinds

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VELUX windows have a Dataplate which is a metal strip printed with a code. The code shows what type of window it is, so that you can find the correct size of blind that will fit it.

The VELUX dataplate should be visible when your window is open.


In the recent product updates and new catalogue VELUX are tending only to use the newer codes where previously they requested two coded. The old codes GPU, GGU, GDL, GPL, GHL and GGL tend not to be used now. The codes below tend do be used on their own:
These are the most common VELUX codes:
1,2,3,4, 5,6,7,8,9
102, 104, 206, 304, 306, 308, 410,  419, 606, 804, 808, C01, C02, C04, F06, M04, M06 P10, S06, U04, U08

Your window may have a different code in which case we would recommend you get in touch with us
The dataplate provides a size code so that you can order the blind of the correct size to fit your particular window. If for any reason the Velux dataplate is missing, Kirsties Blinds can still order the correct size. You will simply need to provide the measurements of your window. Please contact us for advice.



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