Find the year of your off roader quad atv lt50

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This guide has been complied to help those who don't know and those who claim they don't know the age of their bike After seeing original lt50 listed as a 2010 bike I have taken the time to put this together for the benefit of others

every bike has a 17 digit chassis number

each number can be broken down into manageable chunks but for this guide we are only interested in the tenth digit

The first three digits of the VIN number Manufacturer Identifier.  

Recognize the next five digits as the VDS or Vehicle Descriptor Section 

Ignore the ninth digit. This is called the check digit and is used for security purposes 

Examine the tenth digit or year code, which gives the model year. The  values for this digit are given below.
1980 = A
1981 = B
1982 = C
1983 = D
1984 = E
1985 = F
1986 = G
1987 = H
1988 = J
1989 = K
1990 = L
1991 = M
1992 = N
1993 = P
1994 = R
1995 = S
1996 = T
1997 = V
1998 = W
1999 = X
2000 = Y
2001 = 1
2002 = 2
2003 = 3
2004 = 4
2005 = 5
2006 = 6
2007 = 7

Notice the eleventh digit. this will give a factory code, 

 Locate the final six numbers of the VIN. This is bike's six digit Vehicle Identification number that is unique to that vehicle.

The original lt50 made from 1980 to 2001 chassis number found between front wheels on round pipe between axels
The lta50 with footwells made from 2002 to 2005 found on bar behind nearside (passengers) wheel
The more chunky ltz with electric start from 2006 found on pipe behind nearside (passengers) side rear wheel

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