Finding A Corgi Registeres Fireplace Installer

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All gas fires must be installed by a CORGI registered gas installer. The common misconception is that the shop you buy the fireplace from is Corgi registered and it is they who will install your fire surround. The truth is that the majority of shops do not employ Corgi registered installers, rather they sub contract the work out to local registered installers who will either invoice you directly or who will invoice the shopkeeper allowing the shopkeeper to include this price and any extra into your total quote. Even shops like B&Q sub contract the installation of gas fires to their local CORGI fitters!

We believe that you should have the freedom to choose your own gas fitter and be free to negotiate your own price for the fitting of your fireplace directly with them. There are approximately 55,000 installing businesses registered with CORGI who work all over the UK. This means that it should be easy to find an installer near you.

Search online at Corgi's website to find a registered gas installer.Here are some simple questions to ask the companies prior to selecting them.

   1. Have they experience in fitting the type of fireplace that you have purchased or intend to purchase?
      Fitting fireplaces made from Natural Stone, Marble or Granite is a skilled job and the product can easily be damaged during installation if handle incorrectly.
      Natural Stone fireplaces: This type of fireplace should only every be installed by using white cement and washed sand combined as a mortar. Oil based sealants should not be used as this will discolour and stain the stone, likewise products like Carlite bonding are also unsuitable as they have a tendency to be absorbed through the stone and stain the surface.
      Black Granite Fireplaces: Black Granite can be installed using normal sand/cement and silicone sealants
      White/Cream Marble Fireplaces: Silicone sealants are fine but they should only use white cement and washed sand for installing the hearth
   2. Insurance: Is their work insured against installation error. If they break something, or they install the product incorrectly are you protected by insurance.
   3. Site Survey: If you are unsure if the fireplace you want to buy is suitable for your house do they do a pre installation survey. Most fitters will charge for this service but will usually deduct this amount from the price if you choose them for the final installation. The Charge should normally be between £20 and £40
   4. Identity Card: Every Corgi Registered Gas Installer carries an identity card. Ask to see it!
      This card is a Photo-ID and carries the business's CORGI registration number and a unique operative id. Their card clearly displays which CORGI scheme they are a member of, and so what type of work they are qualified to undertake. Only CORGI gas members, with the orange shield on their card are legally able to carry out gas work. If you are in any doubt as to the validity of a card or operative you can check their details out for free instantly online at Corgi.

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