Finding Cheaper Refrigeration Equipment on eBay

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Finding Cheaper Refrigeration Equipment on eBay

Refrigeration is one of the best ways to preserve food and drinks because it slows down the processes that take place in the food and cause rotting. Refrigeration equipment is also used in order to chill food and drinks. For example, beer and cider are typically served cold, because their real taste comes out then. Fridges and cooling cabinets are used in homes, and they are essential in retail industries as well as in catering businesses such as bars, restaurants, hotel kitchens, and cafes. Advanced and expensive models can be purchased, and may be most suitable for high-end catering facilities. However, even cheaper refrigeration equipment can perform well and meet the quality and food standards required for catering facilities.

eBay sellers offer many different types of less expensive refrigeration equipment. When looking for cheaper refrigeration equipment on eBay, it is important to know the different types of equipment as well as their features, in order to make an informed decision and get the equipment that best meets one's needs.

Types of Refrigeration Equipment

By and large, refrigeration equipment can be divided into remote and integral refrigerate cabinets. Depending on the site where the refrigeration equipment is to be installed, the best equipment can be chosen. The subtypes are further divided into display and storage products.

Remote Refrigeration Equipment

With remote refrigeration equipment, the engine is separated from the main cabinet, unlike in an integral unit, where all the components are self-contained. The engine can be placed either on a wall or on the roof. Remote cabinets require electrical and pipe work installation that pass the refrigerant. These installations are best done by qualified engineers.

Because the condensing unit is placed outside the shop or area where the refrigeration cabinet stands, the noise and heat generated during the cooling process is reduced. More space is left for the products as well. For these reasons, the cabinet can easily be used as a display unit. Moreover, a remote cabinet also has a professional appearance.

Remote refrigeration equipment comes in many shapes, including remote serve-over counters, remote multidecks, and remote back bar chillers. The following chart summarises their features and usage places.

Remote Refrigeration Cabinet Type

Serve-Over Counter


Back Bar Chiller


Closed counter between the seller and customer

Shelves on multiple levels

Undercounter or upright

Place of Use

Supermarket, off licence, convenience store

Butcher's, supermarket

Pub, night club; mainly for drinks

Each one of these remote refrigeration units has many subtypes, so it is not difficult to find one that best meets one's specific needs. On eBay, all of these types can be found when browsing through the selections of refrigeration equipment.

Integral Refrigerated Cabinets

Integral refrigerated cabinets are self-contained units that have the engine and condensing unit attached to them. They can be used in places with ample space. These cabinets can store a wide range of chilled products, such as sandwiches, fresh meat, drinks, pre-packaged snacks, convenience foods, and dairy products. eBay sellers offer most of the subtypes, including chilled displays, chilled storage units, frozen storage units, frozen display units, and cold rooms. More specific types include glass frosters, ice makers, and medical fridges. Each one of these types of cabinets is available in many sizes, from small to large. The following chart summarises the features of each of these integral refrigerated cabinets and details their usage places.

Integral Refrigeration Cabinet Type




Chilled Display

Serve-over counter, overcounter fridge, multideck, glass front refrigerator, top display, inflatable fridge

With or without glass, contents visible

Cafes, canteens, supermarkets, bars, nightclubs, festivals, fairs

Chilled Storage

Undercounter, upright, heavy duty with maximum freezer

Mostly closed fridges

Back rooms of catering facilities, homes

Frozen Display

Countertop, upright

Glass doors, shelves; displays frozen food

Shops, cafes, pubs, other outlets

Frozen Storage

Upright, chest, undercounter, worktop (smaller)

Freezes food and drinks

Back room of a catering facility

Cold Room

Vary by size

Walk-in unit

Catering facility back rooms

Ice Maker

Vary by size and output; undercounter, integrated

Produces and holds ice; slide-away door

Cafes, hotels, bars

Glass Froster

Solid door, glass front

Interior light, adjustable shelves, auto defrost, low temperature range

Commercial bars

Medical Fridge


Maintains specific temperature range, alarm system for temperature deviations, auto defrost, lockable

Hospitals, pharmacies

As the chart shows, there are many integral refrigeration cabinets to choose from. The choice depends on the buyer's needs and the place where the fridge or other unit is to be used. Refrigeration units range in size from small countertop fridges to big walk-in units.

Buying Used Refrigeration Equipment

Generally, used things are cheaper than brand new ones, and the same goes for refrigeration equipment. Similarly to cars, the value of a piece of refrigeration equipment drops once it leaves the showroom. As start-up catering facilities often go bankrupt, it is easy to find used and almost new refrigeration equipment that is high in quality but economical.

However, there are a few things to consider when buying used refrigeration equipment. The equipment should be in perfect working order and have no flaws. Fridges and other cooling devices should always meet the relevant safety standards. Refrigeration equipment is subject to legislation in order to control harmful emissions of refrigerants. Therefore, used refrigeration equipment should be checked in order to make sure that it complies with UK laws. The laws may change, so it is necessary to check every once in a while for updates. On eBay, used refrigeration equipment can be found by using the word "used" in the search terms or setting the item condition to "used" when browsing the items listed.

Assessing the Quality of Cheaper Refrigeration Equipment

Quite often, cheaper refrigeration equipment is thought to be lower in quality. However, cheaper equipment that meets the safety standards and is checked thoroughly can actually perform perfectly well. When buying on eBay, shoppers should carefully study the item listings. Most listings include photos that provide visual information about the item's condition as well as about its appearance and suitability. As eBay sellers offer many brands of refrigeration, it is best to research the brands of these fridges and other units that are of interest.

Reading reviews by other refrigeration equipment users is also helpful. Moreover, top-rated sellers are more likely to provide high-quality equipment. In order to find products from top-rated sellers, it is always worthwhile to browse the ratings and feedback of all the sellers who offer the products. The feedback and ratings are given by other community members who have already made purchases from the seller.

Buying Cheaper Refrigeration Equipment on eBay

Once you are aware of the different types of refrigeration equipment and have determined your needs, you can start looking for the equipment on eBay. Start your search by typing the keywords in the search box, which you can find at the top of any eBay page. After you receive the initial search results, sort the results by price in order to find cheaper equipment. If you have a budget in mind, you can also set the price range. Then, read through the item listings in order to ensure that the refrigeration equipment has the features you require and is able to comply with the relevant standards and legislation. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact the seller. Although the refrigeration equipment may be cheap, it is still an investment and should be considered thoroughly.

As refrigeration equipment, especially commercial equipment, is relatively large, delivering it by mail is expensive. In order to save even more on cheaper refrigeration equipment, you can cut the delivery costs by looking for local sellers who agree to arrange a local pick up. You can save both money and time, and you can ask any additional questions about the equipment if you meet the seller.


Refrigeration is great way to prolong the lifetime of many food products, as well as drinks, because it slows down the natural processes that cause perishables to rot. eBay sellers offer many types of refrigeration equipment, and in order to find the right products, it is first important to learn about the types and their features.

Remote refrigeration equipment has the engine separate from the cabinet. This design helps to reduce noise and heat, and remote units are therefore best for places where noise and heat would otherwise be issues. Their installation requires electrical and pipe work to be done, so that they can be supplied with the refrigerant. Remote refrigeration equipment includes serve-over counters, multideck units, and back bar chillers. Each one of these types has further subtypes designed for different settings including supermarkets, pubs, bars, and nightclubs.

Integral refrigerated cabinets are self-contained and include the condensing unit and engine. eBay sellers offer many different types of cabinets, both for display and for storage. These include chilled display, chilled storage, frozen display, and frozen storage units, as well as walk-in cold rooms, ice makers, glass frosters, and medical fridges. Integral refrigerated cabinets may be placed under the counter, on top of the counter, or they can stand on their own. The features vary by type.

Used refrigeration equipment is generally cheaper than new equipment. High-quality products are frequently available, because many start-up restaurants fail. Prospective buyers should be careful to make sure that the equipment meets their needs and complies with all relevant standards.

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