Finding Packaging and Posting Boxes for Customer Purchases

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Finding the Most Appropriate Packaging and Posting Boxes for Customer Purchases

For a consumer who needs a purchase shipped, packaging it correctly in the right boxes is of the utmost importance. When something is shipped, it needs to be boxed and packaged properly so it arrives at its destination safely and intact.

When a person wants to mail something for a customer, attention to detail is paramount. There are some simple guidelines that should be followed when a person is selecting the proper shipping boxes and packaging materials so the items arrive undamaged.

Postal boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate all types of customer purchases, so finding the perfect one should not be an issue. Posting boxes also come in bulk so for a user who needs boxes frequently to package purchases for customers, this is an affordable way to acquire a large number of boxes for a good price. These and other factors should be considered when seeking boxes for shipping.

Consider What Is Inside

When a user is looking for the right packaging for an item, it is important to think about what is being sent; is it for a friend, a business or are you selling an item? For fragile items, special precautions have to be taken. For items that may get bent, packaging to keep them flat has to be purchased. Heavy items need special consideration as well, because items should not be able to put too much weight on a light box. The box has to be thick enough to accommodate a heavy item, and with lighter items shipping in thinner boxes is necessary.

Items that are not fragile or do not have to be sent specially packaged can be shipped normally, with light packing materials and securely taped and packaged. Some boxes are created thinner or flatter to securely ship electronics, while media boxes are meant to ship books, CD/DVD mailers, or other types of computer equipment. Specific boxes that are created for certain purchases ensure the purchases are in the correct box. For a user who is shipping clothes, boxes that include a rod for hanging, called hanging garment carriers, are a good option for the user who does not want clothes to be wrinkled when they arrive at their destination.

Shipping Fragile Purchases

Fragile items such as televisions, breakables, electronics, computers or laptops, and any items that can break during shipment need to be boxed with special care. An individual should select a box which is thick enough to protect the shipment, and ensure that the box is the right size so the items do not bounce around and get broken during shipping.

A box that fits securely and snugly better protects something fragile, and a thicker box stands more of a chance against getting bent during transition. A double wall box is a good option for these types of fragile items.

Shipping Posters or Prints

A postal tube is a type of posting box that is made for items such as rolled up posters or prints which need to be securely mailed. This is the easiest way to mail posters or prints, and these sturdy tubes keep what is inside from getting bent, torn, or damaged.

Box Measurements

All boxes have specific dimensions, based on their height, length, and width. It is easy to select the proper box for customer purchases when a user knows how large or small a box is needed. That way, a small purchase does not get lost in a big box, or a large item does not have to be squeezed into a box that is too tight. Either of those options can end up with damaged items.

An appropriate box fits the items properly, but also leaves some room for packing materials and cushioning. It is best to pack electronics in their original boxes, which should then fit easily into a larger shipping box, so a user needs to check the dimensions carefully to ensure a proper fit that is not too tight.

Adding Packing Materials

Once the individual has found the appropriate box to put the purchases in, it is time to think about packaging materials. In the case of breakable items, such as electronics, glass, or computer equipment, is it best to use foam inserts which make the items stationary, so they do not move around during shipment and get broken. Packing pads are also an option when making sure items do not get shifted during transit. For most customer purchases that are not extremely delicate, packing peanuts, packing chips, or bubble wrap are common options to use as box filler when shipping customer purchases.

Packaging Heavy and Fragile Items

For heavy items, the individual should consider using corrugated corner protectors to give the box more stability. If the individual is packaging several glass items together, such as wine glasses, vases, or ceramic items, a divider can be purchased to slip into boxes to keep the items separated, or a pre-purchased box that has slot dividers already included inside.

Securing the Package

The last step in creating the perfect posting box and packaging to ship out customer purchases is to make sure the box is properly secured and ready to ship out to its destination. The user should use packing tape for a perfectly sealed package ready to mail out to customers.

It is recommended to use packing tape that is at least 48 millimetres. The tape used for shipping comes in two traditional styles, which the user can select based on preference: either clear Sellotape style tape or brown paper shipping tape.

Tape Options

A tape gun makes the job go faster for a user who has many packages to prepare for shipping out. The corners should be reinforced with tape so they do not become weak during shipping, and there should be clear tape over the address label as well to prevent smearing of the address.

Best Boxes and Supplies for Specific Purchases

When it comes to shipping specific purchases for customers, the individual must consider what is being shipped and package and box the items appropriately. This ensures the items reach their destination with minimal, if any, damage to the packaging or the items inside.

Glasses, Mugs, Breakable Collectibles

Fine Art, Prints, Posters

Media Items


Clothing, Blankets, Linens, Pillows

Slot dividers

Postal tubes of appropriate size

Media boxes

Original boxes inside sturdy posting boxes

Hanging garment posting boxes with rails

Smaller, thicker boxes

Flat, thick cardboard mailers

Media posting envelopes

Foam inserts or blankets

Large, wide boxes

Foam inserts

Bubble wrapped mailers

Small, thick boxes

Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, packing peanuts or chips

Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic bags around delicate linens

Not only is the proper box important, but the packing materials are important too. For items which are extremely fragile, a user can also slip a pillow or cushion into the box to make the items fit more securely and give them a bit more cushion when they get tossed about. Also, any box with fragile items should be labelled as such to avoid having the box thrown or moved too much.

How to Buy Packaging Boxes and Posting Supplies on eBay

When you are looking for the right boxes and packing supplies to mail out customer purchases, it is important to package items properly to avoid any type of damage to the packages. Choose the right boxes to ensure the shipments arrive to their destinations exactly as you sent them by purchasing posting boxes on eBay.

Use any internal page or the home page to key in search terms such as "boxes" to find all of the shipping boxes you need, such as cardboard boxes or postal boxes, depending on what you need to ship. Communicate with the seller to find out more about what shipping materials he or she is offering, such as packing peanuts or tape, and do this by clicking "Ask a Question" on the seller's page. You may be able to get a great deal on a bundled shipment of boxes and other packaging items to help ship purchases.

Ensure that the boxes you buy are the right size. You can search box type by selecting "single wall" or "double wall boxes" for varying degrees of thickness. Search for foam inserts or packing chips to securely ship fragile items. Buy boxes in bulk for a great deal if you need a large amount of boxes, even some of varying sizes.


Shipping items to customers requires careful packaging. The right box is the most important item to consider. For a user who is shipping fragile items, the right size box can mean the difference between a broken or intact item being shipped to the customer. An individual is able to avoid any worries by purchasing a box that fits the items securely, and a proper type of box for special items, such as computers, glass cups or mugs, or media items.

Cardboard boxes are used often to ship items, but posting boxes are created solely to ship items, so they are a better option for a user who is worried about shipping certain types of items. Boxes that are bought in bulk are more affordable than buying boxes separately, and for an individual who needs boxes in more than one size, there are options available to purchase a bundle of boxes that are different sizes. Shipping items for customers in the right boxes using the appropriate packing materials alleviates worries and frustrations, and it is easy and affordable to buy the needed items on eBay.

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