Finding That Amazing Watch Where No One Else Will Be Looking

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Looking for those hidden gem discounts can be quite easy if you know what you are doing. Sometimes people just want to get rid of junk not knowing that in those small pieces of junk is something which is quite valuable. This is where you can get a real bargain if you know how and know how to properly sift through ebays options. Here are some of the less well known trade secrets.
As my expertise is watches, I'll try to walk you though steps in getting a real bargain!
First of all search for watches (not watch). Make sure you exclude watch by putting a minus before the word watch ie -watch. So your search should look like this 'watches -watch' (not including'') This will bring up all the sellers selling lots of watches. Next search for only used items only.... (People Selling lots of watches which are NEW just sell cheap watches which are worth nothing). When searching for used, this brings up people who are selling there own personnel collection of watches. In these lots can be really good designer, antique watches. When you come up with the listings, you need to really look at the pictures properly. You may be able to spot a nice gem of a watch just by looking at them.
Sometimes there is no picture with the listing. This also has a real advantage as not that many buyers are drawn in with these ads. What you need to do with these ads is simply ask the seller to list the watches they are selling. Looking at the list you can spot the watch which can be worth lots of money. Thanks for reading. Hope you get a real gem of a watch!
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