Finding an Outfit to Flatter the Heart-shaped Woman

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Finding an Outfit to Flatter the Heart-shaped Woman

Every woman has a different type of figure and carries her weight in different areas of the body. Someone with a heart-shaped figure, also called an apple figure, tends to carry her weight around the midsection and has an undefined waist. Never fear, though—by choosing the right kinds of clothing, a heart-shaped woman can redefine her waist, draw attention to her best features, and feel great in every outfit that she puts on.


Create a Curvy Figure with Dresses

Many women fear wearing dresses because so many of the garments hug the body and accentuate curves. However, women with heart-shaped bodies can enjoy wearing dresses just like everyone else and look great in them. V-neck dresses or ones with low-cut necklines draw attention to the chest, which is usually well endowed on a heart-shaped figure. Dresses with empire waistlines also emphasise the bust as well as hide the midsection. The waistline comes just under the chest and then fans out so that it does not cling to any part of the body except the chest. Since heart-shaped women often have attractive legs, they should consider wearing knee-length dresses with high heels for an evening out or a special occasion.


Wear Solid Colours or Small Prints

Heart-shaped women are complemented by dark, solid colours and simple, small patterns. Solid colours have a slimming effect especially if they are dark. Avoid outfits with bright colours and large patterns because they add the appearance of weight and draw attention to unwanted areas of the body.


Wear Wrap Tops

Wrap tops appear to cinch in the midsection with horizontal layers of fabric. While horizontal stripes do not usually compliment heart-shaped women, wrap tops are a good choice because of the way they accentuate the chest and draw in the stomach.


Wear Flowing Blouses

Blouses that fan out below the chest hide the midsection and even though they appear large on their own, well-fitted trousers re-balance the overall shape by drawing the figure back in. Empire tops also fan out from the chest down but they are even more attractive because they cinch up underneath the chest rather than just hanging loosely and adding the appearance of weight. Look for tops with low necklines or ones with accentuated necklines that bring attention to the chest region. If the shirt has a bland neckline, put on a large string of pearls or a bulky necklace to draw attention to the upper part of your body. Heart-shaped figures should avoid tight tops altogether unless they put on a body slimmer underneath.

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