Finding and Eliminating Moths in Your Airing Cupboard

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There are two main signs to look out for when checking to see if you have moths in your airing cupboard. First, look for small holes in any linen you keep in the airing cupboard, woollens and silks in particular. Next, look for small white furry patches on your items - this is the larvae about to hatch.
Many people think it is moths eating the material that causes small holes in their clothing or material. In fact, these small holes are caused by moth larvae which feed on fabrics. Unfortunately once moth holes appear, the item is usually beyond salvage.
If you uncover a breeding ground inside your airing cupboard, you need to take immediate action because the moths will continue to wreak havoc on your remaining items. So, the sooner you take action the better.
  1. Begin by removing all the items from your airing cupboard.
  2. Vacuum the airing cupboard. One of those portable vacuum cleaners would be useful here. Pay particular attention to the corners and shelves, cracks and crevices etc. Vacuuming is essential to combat the moth. Larvae thrive on human and pet hair, lint and other dead insects but the vacuum cleaner is a very effective way of removing adult moths as well as the larvae and eggs from fabrics and out of reach places.
  3. After vacuuming, remove and discard the vacuum cleaner bag into an outside rubbish bin or the moths will simply hatch inside and fly out.
  4. Wipe over each area with soap and water and leave to completely dry. Seal areas where moths may be hiding, such as cracks and joins flooring and shelves.
  5. Brush down all the items taken from your airing cupboard with a high quality lint roller, stiff brush or vacuum.
  6. Don't return any of your items into the airing cupboard until you have effective moth deterrents in place.
There is a new Clothes Moth Killer from Acana which is specifically designed for use in airing cupboards. This moth deterrent product will kill moths, their eggs and larvae. It also has a gentle lavender fragrance which helps to freshen your airing cupboard.

The Acana Airing Cupboard Moth Killer & Freshener is a liquid format that has been specifically created for use in airing cupboards where high temperatures would exhaust other moth killers too quickly. The product is ideal for the protection of clothing and bedding, including woollens, cashmere, linens, silks and leathers. It lasts up to 3 months and features a visual end of life indication.
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