Finding the Value of your Collectible Cards

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Price guides can go out of date so quickly. Luckily for us there is a little used search engine facility available to all registered Ebay users and it is free. It is easy enough to simply put the name of the cards you are researching in your favourite search engine and see what other online shops are charging for it. Similarly, you can use the Ebay search engine to find our what prices people are HOPING to achieve. For a more accurate valuation we always use the Ebay search for completed listings to price up our collection. This will give an approximation of what your cards are worth in the current market.

To do this you must click the "Advanced Search" button next to the normal Ebay search button you use . When the next page comes up, type in the name and choose the category as usual but next, leave the "search title and description" box unticked and instead check the box "Completed Listings" .

Now two important tips.

Firstly, you can not search "title and description" in completed listings. To make your search more thorough, you can use more descriptive words in the search box, remembering that Ebay will only return the searches with these words used in the Title of the listing. This means that although you narrow your first search, (there might not even be any results!), Ebay will suggest alternative search results that only use a few of the words you have chosen. This is often a quicker way to narrow down your search.

Secondly, at the bottom of this page you can again choose further "Advanced Search". If you want to search worldwide completed listings, you must click this button and choose that option or it will just use your own country's Ebay as a default.

If you have no luck finding what you are looking for, there is an option on the search result page to search current listings. Remember, if you find something or not, you can still save the search for future use, as the results will be constantly updated as items sell.

We have a link on our "About Me " page to our website for Mother Goose's Attic where we have save over 100 searches of collectable cards if you wish to save time.


When it comes to the value of a pack of cards, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when determinating the value of a pack of playing cards.

What are their rarity factor? – The more common a pack of cards, that is how easy is it to obtain a pack in the marketplace, then the less it will be worth.

What is their Condition? – Better to have a damaged box than no box at all. When it comes to packaging it is often found that in the most valuable examples the printed container often outshines and exaggerates the contents of the box. Some packs literally rattle around in a box three times their size.

Are they charming and is the theme inspired? - An attractive and well designed deck is a very important factor when it comes to value. Earlier packs may be rarer to find but it is often the case that a later version that has beautiful images, that are obviously contemporary with its later manufacture will be worth more than the earlier plainer version.

Is it intact? - Cards get damaged and lost, the more complete a game the more it is worth.

What is the quality of the materials? - Some cards were produced in a cheap popular format and also in a better quality deluxe version. As expected the latter still commands the better value.

How popular is the Theme? - Card games sometimes overlap into other fields of collecting, often making them more scarce and more valuable. For example people interested in Transport, Aviation or Personalities would also like to include examples in their own collections.

Are there any special qualities? - The card game could relate to specific technological developments such as the introduction of Aeroplanes. These were often captured and recorded in packs produced at the same time as the event.

Other important historical occasions such as coronations, expeditions or even notorious crimes were also incorporated into the games. These packs hold an added attraction for enthusiasts interest in these subjects. There were also games that were marketed around famous people and fictional characters. Many characters from Stage screen and later television have had their popularity immortalized in a game of cards. There are also those famous characters from children's literature such as Noddy, Winnie Pooh, Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

Traditional Games were often produced by more than one company and rival manufacturers went onto produced similar games under different titles, if one proved to be particularly popular.

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