Finding the right faom for your cushion

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Finding the right foam for your cushion can be minefield, get it wrong and you can be wasting money on something expensive that you do not need or something that will be of no use. I hope that this guide will help you to make the right choice.
There are three main types of foam to consider when buying a cushion.
1. Standard commercial poly foam widely used by commercial upholsterers for public places such as restaurants, offices, and entertainment venues.
2, Memory foam widely used in medical cushions for pressure relief.
3. Reflex foam also widely used in medical cushions.
For most uses such as wheelchairs, boating, fishing, gardening etc. when the cushion is not going to be used for more than a few hours at a time, and the user is not susceptible to pressure sores the standard poly foam is more than good enough and should give many years of service .
There are many myths about memory foam some people hail it as the be all and end all of comfort only to discover that used by itself it is about as much use as an ash tray on a motorcycle’
You will probably have seen my listing for replacement inserts for memory foam coccyx cushions. I sell many of these inserts because the memory foam in the cushions when purchased just disappears to nothing when sat on, and renders the cushion useless. This foam is best used in conjunction with one of the other two foams as a topping to give the maximum benefit from its body moulding benefits
Reflex foam is a very comfortable firm density long lasting foam which is a sort of compromise between normal and memory foam. It offers excellent support whilst giving a high degree of comfort.
I offer a range of cushions with varying mixtures of foam the table below should help you to decide which one will be most useful for your requirement, and hopefully save you from spending on cushions which might prove to be of little use to you.
Occasional use. Sitting 2-3 hours at one time standard commercial seating foam.
More prolonged use. Used daily up to 6 hours Reflex foam.
Mild pressure relief. Standard foam with memory foam topping.
Mild pressure relief prolonged use Reflex foam with memory foam topping.


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