Finding the right packaging.

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With recycling awareness on the increase, and rightly so, many ebay traders expend considerable amounts on packing materials such as: brown paper, bubblewrap and labels when really, with a bit of thought applied, the solution is within you house already. Choose a suitable box, split it at the seam (normally down one corner), turn it inside out and stick it back again with brown parcel tape. You then have a plain box where you can write with black marker or other type of pen, your addressee, without needing to wrap the packaging in brown paper and attaching a label. When you move home, you invariably wrap your prized possesions up in newspaper, so why not do the same with your sale item. Fill the void in the box with crushed up pages and you have the perfect package. That way, overall, we traders as a whole, consume less materials and make better use of existing ones.  
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