Finding those Negatives Neutrals & Feedback Withdrawns.

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For sellers who receive hundreds or more feedback a month, it is extremely painstaking to go through pages and pages to find out who and why any negative /Neutral/rating withdrawn Feedback was left.

Yes after only a few clicks show negatives and neutralsand feedback withdrawn.

If I had known about this before I would have been able to avoid the threatening phone calls and attempted scam from a certain powerseller , which was all documented in the negative feedback he had received.

I used to trawl through hundreds of pages myself, but now after a few clicks I can see all those Negs,Neuts and feedback withdrawns, this then gives me a great idea as to any problems I might have with the seller.

Right then...Go to the sellers feedback page, then just below his/her 'Detailed seller Ratings' you will see a box saying period, click on the time frame you want 6 months 12 months etc then 'GO', at the top of his/her feedback to the left you will then see Negative/neutral/feedback withdrawn, click on what you want to know and hey presto, all the negs etc in one place.Hope you find this useful.

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